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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Services

Large business houses need to have a sophisticated Accounts Payable team to streamline payouts intelligently. Along with managing remittance to suppliers and remunerations to workforce they need to look after frequent statutory payments also. Additionally it needs to be aligned with the revenue of the enterprise. There are many time consuming verification processes as well before determining about the payouts and it needs to pass through various approval processes. Many skillful accountants’ support is required to run this most important function of the accounts department. In that case, why not utilize services of a sincere and inexpensive team from India for such tasks, like that of Logic Software Solutions?

What We Do

Get Insights About A Pay-out!

Cross verification of each and every minute details regarding a payment is must to keep an organization sound and healthy. Only learned executives can find the irregularities which may happen due to oversight or of intentional malpractice. Logic’s team will make sure all standard operating procedure are met by verifying each and every contractual obligations, payment milestones, invoices, existing debit or credit notes before proceeding with an outgoing payment. Their statutory knowledge in corporate taxation and obligations of the land will be an additional benefit to the organizations specifically from USA, UK or UAE.

Accounts Payable Services We Offer

    Matching Invoices with Purchase Orders

    We help with things like comparing and linking a supplier invoice to the underlying data on which the total cost is based, i.e., a goods delivery receipt and purchase order or contract. This is usually complex and time-consuming, but our professionals can get this job done for you at high-quality.

    Processing Purchase Orders

    We process your purchase orders, right from creation through to order approval, dispatch, invoicing, delivery, and closure. We include quality checks, budget checks, contract management, and more.

    Processing Debit Memos

    We help with processing debit memos when, for example, a client has been undercharged due to a sales tax or pricing error. We create debit memo requests, remove billing blocks, execute billing, and perform system integration of debit memo processing.

    Processing Standard Pricing Information

    We can help with standard pricing information processing for any of your requirements.

    Preparation and Processing of AR Aging Reports

    We create custom and comprehensive accounts receivable (AR) aging reports that accurately list out all unpaid customer invoices as well as unused credit memos by date ranges. With our aging report, you can efficiently determine which customers haven't yet paid and taken appropriate action.

    Processing of Monthly AP Ledgers

    We provide expert and reliable processing of your monthly AP ledgers. Our team has successfully created numerous monthly AP ledgers for clients across the world.

    Processing of Monthly Sales Tax

    We can help you determine your monthly sales tax amount after considering various factors like total revenue and total costs. Our team of finance experts has experience and expertise in everything to do with sales tax.

Our Accounts Payable Services Process

1. Invoice Receipt

At the first stage of Invoice Receipt, we will receive your hard copy and electronic invoices.

2. Image and Data Capture

All your documents will be stored as images and all the invoice images will be viewable.

3. Process and Route

In the Process and Route stage, the invoice documents are processed and are routed to the relevant customer executives for approval and a final resolution.

4. Disburse and Archive

The approved invoices will be uploaded to the customer's A/P system for payment through standard interfaces, on all accounting platforms. Once this is done, the invoices will be filed as "normal" in General Ledger. Since Flatworld also performs disbursements, the hard copies will be stored at our facility and the electronic images will be available online.

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