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Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable Services

Receiving on time payment for the services offered is the life line for any business. All customers are supposed to pay for the availed services as per contractual obligations. But often that doesn’t happen smoothly as it deemed to be. Most of the time extra vigilance on credit policies and payment milestones are required to ensure payments received on time. That’s the reason “Accounts Receivable” department becomes a major unit in an organization. It require lot of manpower enabled with appropriate software tools for continuous follow- ups. For large organizations it may become a costly cost center considering the expenses required to keep trained resources, IT infrastructure and so on. Why not outsource this function to a cheaper offshore team to bring bottom line, up?

What We Do

Concentrate On Your Work And Do Not Worry About Payment Collection

Logic Software Solutions BPO wing has a dedicated team specialized in accounts receivable processes and procedures. Our skilled resources can be utilized right from the Customer Relationship Management through invoicing until the receipt creation with continuous and recorded follow-up mechanisms. Logic’s team is knowledgeable in all major ERP and accounting software so that they can start serving your accounts receivable processes right from the beginning without any delay or specific training period.

End-to-end Accounts Receivables Services From Logic

    Sales orders processing
    Invoicing and billing
    Invoice reconciliation with payments
    Debtor Aging Report Preparation and Processing
    Customer reconciliations
    Credit Control Tools with Continuous Monitoring
    CST C-forms/ GST Form collection
    Bad Debts/ Delinquency Management
    Invoice receipt verification
    Payment follow-ups
    Credit Memo processing
    Customer help desk
    Dispute / Chargeback management
    Recovery suites handling

Being accountable is Logic!

Being a wholesome Business Process Outsourcing solution provider, Logic Software Solutions can take up entire gamut of your accounting functions through our own accounting software as well. Logic’s acclaimed and certified accounting professionals do cash flow analysis based on the SLA & associated payment milestones and does rigorous follow-ups in order to get timely payments for our customers. Affluent in English and available for round the clock service, Logic’s “Accounts Receivable” team has gained praises from many companies based out of USA, UK and Middle East.

Benefits Of Accounts Receivable Services

1. Upgrade your Accounts Receivable Process

Accounts receivables outsourcing helps you in collecting payments rapidly and within the necessary time. Additionally it also guarantees that there's no deferral in the payment collection, the service provider choose to go with customer-friendly options and advanced electronic billing.

Your presence is not required at time of payment processing because all mobile and electronic transfers are handled properly. In addition, a few payment choices let your clients pick their favoured method of payment and pay before the due date. Thusly, this improves the income of the organization.

2. Reduce Time and Cost

At the point when you work such services in-house, it is both exorbitant and tedious. You may need to invest both your time and money in building accounts receivable department, hiring staff and on infrastructure.

Though, when you outsource AR services, you are required to pay just for the services you have employed them. Henceforth, through outsourcing, you can spare your adequate time and cost.

3. Let you Concentrate on your Core Business Operations

By appointing your accounts services to the expert, you can concentrate on crucial business tasks so they can grow and expand. The outsourcing accounts receivables service provider keeps a track of all those people who often make delay payments. AR service providers’ works with you and give you ample amount of time to grow and build your company to its complete potential.

4. Effective Customers’ Screening

One who holds mastery in accounts is better ready to set clear credit policies and inspect the credit value of numerous customers. They comprise of the skills to figure out from the few customers that who have a solid record of credit history and hence, are able to pay you back before the deadline. Such ability can help you in saving cash for quite a while.

5. Faster Collections

More defers you make in gathering the overdue amount, the lesser sum your organization will recover. The more your accounts get late by a month or year; you will lose more money which will straightforwardly affect your cash flow.

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