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Improve Your Customer Experience & Business Communications With Dynamic Call Center Solutions

These day's enterprises cannot sustain by not having an outbound call center for lead generation or inbound one to provide better customer support. Setting up own call center and employing skilled tele-callers in huge numbers may become a costly decision for many business houses. Cheaper and trusted alternatives are available as offshore business process outsourcing units operating out of India such as Logic. Outsourcing such jobs immensely reflects on the balance sheets, and that is the reason, many renowned organizations of western world has chosen Logic Software Solutions as their preferred BPO partner.

What We Do

Let Us Be Your Mouthpiece!

Effective business communication with customers or prospective audience instills trust and affinity towards a brand and it immensely helps the organization in their growth. For that every single communication need to be informative and helpful to enhance the customer experience; whether the call is to provide after sales support or for pre-sales activities. An ever pleasant team skilled in effective communication coupled with fluent language skills only can do this task effortlessly. Logic Software Solutions has high number of such trained specialists who are confident to converse with your customers of US, UK, UAE or any part of the world.

Outsource Call Center Support Services
We Provide

1. Inbound call center solutions

Logic offers multilingual services delivered by culturally aware call center personnel. We ensure your clients receive the very best customer care for the ultimate caller experience.

2. Outbound call center solutions

The customer experience ultimately relies upon the expertise of your call center staff. At Logic we only recruit call center specialists who have strong work ethics, proven customer service abilities and superb communication skills.

3. Telemarketing

Establishing a connection with potential customers which ultimately results in a sale requires skills such as enthusiasm, resilience, and persistence. Our highly trained telemarketing specialists are skilled communicators delivering a superior customer experience. Ambitious and self-motivated, our telemarketers are target driven and dedicated to lead generation and wrapping up the sale.

4. Technical support

Utilizing VOIP, emails, web chat and cloud-based applications our highly trained IT support specialists provide advice and quick resolutions for all your clients IT concerns.

5. Chat / Email support

Provide your clients the customer service they deserve with prompt and professional chat and email support 24/7. Live chat is considered to be untapped potential for business. Live chat support is convenient for online consumers and offers the chance to address customer concerns quickly. Harness this opportunity to increase your sales and provide timely resolution to client complaints.

6. Lead generation

This initial step in the sales cycle is crucial. Our call center staff are highly experienced in lead generation for companies and salespeople. We identify and nurture potential customer relationships and will significantly stimulate and increase interest in your goods and services.

7. KPO processes

We engage highly educated call center staff with business expertise and advanced analytical skills. Specializing in research and information, legal and medical services, training, consultancy, and research and development, we provide the opportunity to engage industry professionals at affordable rates


team leaders
Save labor and
office costs
24/7 call
center operation
Access to the
latest technology
Improved data
security protection
Increased opportunity
for customer retention

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